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FirstMerit Shop & Earn FAQs

What is FirstMerit Shop & Earn?

FirstMerit Shop & Earn is a program in which you earn cash back rewards by using your FirstMerit eligible debit card to pay for qualifying merchandise and services. FirstMerit Shop & Earn is available to all FirstMerit retail and wealth debit card holders ("Cardholders") enrolled in Online Banking. Through this program, you'll receive targeted offers to receive cash rewards on purchases based on how you actually shop. There is no limit to the cash you can earn. So, the more ways you use your FirstMerit debit card, the more offers you can receive and the more money you can earn.

Do I have to enroll in FirstMerit Shop & Earn?

No, you do not have to enroll or sign up for the program. FirstMerit Shop & Earn will automatically be made available to all FirstMerit retail and wealth customers with a debit card and Online Banking access.

Is this program free?

Yes, this program is free! There is no cost associated with the FirstMerit Shop & Earn program. This new cash back rewards program is just another benefit of using your FirstMerit debit card.

Is my personal information shared with retailers?

Absolutely not. Your personal information is not shared with retailers.

How do I earn cash back rewards?

To receive cash back rewards, first you must click on the offer on your Online Banking Transaction History page or the Rewards Summary page. Once you click on the participating merchant's offer, the offer is activated. To redeem the offer, visit the participating merchant and use your FirstMerit debit card to pay for the transaction. No coupons are needed for in-store purchases, making it even simpler to earn cash rewards. Some online offers require that you shop directly through a link provided in the offer. Clearly marked online redemption codes may be needed for offers at online stores.

Where do I go to see offers?

Offers will be found in your Online Banking Transaction History page if you have relevant transactions. Offers may also be found on the sidebar on the Transaction History page. New offers will be labeled as New Offers until you click to activate them. Once clicked, an offer is labeled as an Active Offer. All offers can be viewed at one time by going to the Rewards Summary page. This page includes all offers received, activated and redeemed, including details for each offer.

When do I receive the cash for the offers I redeem?

Since we do not share your personal information with retailers, we cannot credit your account immediately at the time of purchase. Any cash back rewards you earn in the month of December, for example, will be credited to your account on the first business day of February. If you'd like to see the offers you have redeemed or the total value of the offers you have redeemed, please visit the FirstMerit Shop & Earn Rewards Summary page in Online Banking.

How long do I have to redeem an offer?

Each offer has an offer period that is set by the merchant. After you click on the offer to activate, you must redeem the offer with the participating merchant before the expiration date. The expiration date can be found in the offer details section after you click on the offer to activate it.

Do I need to use a coupon or code to earn cash rewards?

You do not need a coupon or code to redeem the offers when using your debit card at the offering merchant. You just use your FirstMerit debit card to pay for the purchase specified in the offer. Some online offers may require you to shop directly through a link provided in the offer, or to enter a redemption code, but such requirements are communicated in the offer.

Can I use a merchant's coupon when redeeming an offer at the participating merchant?

Yes, as long as the amount paid with your card meets the requirements of the offer after the coupon or discount is applied. For example, if the offer requires a purchase of $20, the amount of the purchase after the discount must be at least $20.

Is sales tax included in the amount for offers that have minimum purchase requirements?

Yes. The minimum amount includes the sales tax for that purchase. For example: if an offer required you to spend $50.00 to qualify and you spent $48 plus $2.88 sales tax ($50.88), your purchase would qualify.

I had an offer that expired yesterday, can I still get it?

Unfortunately, no. Once an offer has expired, there is no way to retrieve it. Please view all offers and expiration dates on the FirstMerit Shop & Earn Rewards Summary page.

Someone I know received an offer that I want. How can I receive that offer as well?

Each offer received through the FirstMerit Shop & Earn program is based on how each individual cardholder shops, so the offers you receive are specific to you. Since the offers are targeted to you personally you may not receive offers from all participating merchants.

Can I use any of my FirstMerit debit cards to earn FirstMerit Shop & Earn cash rewards?

Yes. Once you have activated an offer, you can use any of your FirstMerit debit cards to redeem the offer. The reward will be credited to the account linked to the debit that is used.

I have a card for my Savings account. Why don't I see FirstMerit Shop & Earn offers in my Savings transactions?

Only FirstMerit's eligible checking accounts are qualified to receive FirstMerit Shop & Earn cash back rewards. Savings accounts are not eligible, even if they have a card linked to them.

If I have more than one account, will I see the same offers on both accounts?

Offers are matched on an account level, based on the purchases made with the FirstMerit debit card for that account. If you make different purchases from different accounts, you will see different offers in those accounts.

I have chosen to receive offers. Why don't I have any offers?

Offers are based on how you currently shop to ensure the offers you receive are relevant. If you seldom use your FirstMerit debit card, you may not receive any offers until you start to use your card more. The more you use your FirstMerit debit card, the more chances you will have to receive relevant offers!

You may not be receiving any offers because you accidentally refused to receive offers for the program. If you cannot access the FirstMerit Shop & Earn Rewards Summary page, you are not enrolled in FirstMerit Shop & Earn. You can enroll by logging on to Online Banking and clicking on the link which indicates your choice to receive offers.

What if I do not want to receive offers?

You can discontinue receiving offers by clicking on the "Stop Receiving All Offers" link within Online Banking. This link can be found on the sidebar of the Account History page. You can rejoin the program by clicking on the appropriate link that is presented.

Will I still earn cash back rewards if I refuse offers?

You will not earn any new FirstMerit Shop & Earn cash back rewards after refusing offers, but any cash back rewards earned prior to leaving the FirstMerit Shop & Earn program will be credited to your account.

If I close my account before receiving my cash back rewards, do I still receive the deposit?

If you close the account before the cash reward is deposited, the cash reward will not be received.

Who do I call if I have a question?

Should you have any questions, please visit your local branch or call the FirstMerit Customer Service Center at 888-554-4362.

MeritRewards Shop, Earn & Protect FAQs

Am I eligible for identity theft protection services?

All personal checking account customers who enroll in MeritRewards Shop, Earn & Protect are eligible for identity theft protection.

What kind of protection do I get?

You automatically receive the following benefits.

  • Fully Managed Recovery
  • Lost Document Lost Wallet Recovery
  • $10,000 Expense Reimbursement

Can you explain the features of these four components?

Fully Managed Recovery

    Professional Fraud Crisis Counseling
    Research of 3 Bureaus, Public Records, Internet
    Remediation with No Time limit
    Full Recovery with Credit Report Clearance
    Recovery Follow up:
  • Advocate works with no time limit to restore victim to pre-event status
  • Advocate provides progress reports throughout Identity Restoration process
  • Advocate monitors the credit file for 12 months post-recovery
  • Advocate follows up for 12 months post-recovery
  • Victim has access to online case status portal 24/7
Lost Document Lost Wallet Card Replacement
    Your Advocate will:
  • Work with you to cancel and replace credit cards
  • Help you deal with the loss of other documents such as:
  • Licenses, Passports, Personal bank accounts, Government issued document
$10,000 Expense Reimbursement
    Expense reimbursement insurance is included to allow you to recover out of pocket expenses you may incur during the recovery of your identity, such as:
  • Long distance phone calls
  • Postage
  • Notary fees
  • Affidavit fees
  • Court costs
  • Attorney fees
  • Lost wages
Optional Monitoring Service at no additional cost is available to one individual per MeritRewards Shop, Earn & Protect plan (you must register separately).
    Credit Monitoring
  • One bureau credit monitoring through Experian
  • Provides protection against ID theft by keeping you informed of changes to your Experian Credit file
  • Triggers include credit inquires, new credit lines, derogatory credit, name and address changes, etc.
    Internet Monitoring:
  • Proactive tool to identify when thieves are trading your personal information on high risk areas of the Internet, including black market and social networking sites.
  • Monitors up to 25 registered credentials on black market sites and other high-risk internet sites
    Public Records Monitoring:
  • Monitors millions of public database records to identify possible instances of identity theft
  • Includes U.S. Postal Records, Alias Name Records, Criminal Court Records and more
  • Fraudsters may have substituted a new billing address, used a false name or even changed your phone number to commit fraud using your social security number or other personal information
    Monitoring Alerts:
  • All services generate an alert via email and text message to the you
  • Alert instructs the you to Access their Identity Care Account to view details and contact a recovery advocate if fraud is suspected
  • Note: the Credit, Internet, and Public Monitoring services are provided to the named accountholder on an individual account or to one named accountholder on a joint/shared account

How is this service different from other programs?

With this program, you are not required to have the time, skills or knowledge to perform the recovery tasks. A recovery advocate will work on your behalf to perform the recovery tasks and restore your name to pre-event status.

What types of identity theft are covered?

All types of identity theft — financial or non-financial. It does not need to be related to an account with FirstMerit Bank. Non-financial identity theft may be related to government documents or government benefits, utilities, employment, medical, and many more. This program covers all types of identity fraud.

Which family members are eligible for services?

When fraud affecting you also affects a family member, our program covers them too — three generations of family. Included are your spouse or domestic partner, children up to age 25 with the same permanent residence, and parents with the same permanent residence or in elder care (nursing home, assisted living, hospice), with benefits extended up to 12 months after death; plus, all other IRS-qualified dependents. This includes children in college who maintain the same permanent address as you.

What about children in college or the military?

As long as they maintain the same permanent address as you, dependents under age 25 are covered.

How does the recovery process work?

The recovery advocate will create a recovery plan tailored to your unique situation, and will perform the legwork for you through a special authorization.

How long does the recovery process take?

When identity theft is reported, a recovery advocate will be assigned to the case in one business day or less. A personal recovery plan will be in place in 3 business days or less. Depending on the nature of the problem, complete resolution may take from a few weeks to many months.

Is there a time limit for the recovery process?

There is no time limit on recovery — the recovery advocate will continue to work until your identity is restored to pre-theft status and all problems are resolved. Once your identity is restored, the recovery advocate will follow up for 12 months to assure that no further problems have surfaced.

What if a friend or family member committed the identity theft?

You remain eligible for recovery services; however, you may be asked to file a police report.

Do I need to be sure that I experienced identity theft in order to receive help from a recovery advocate?

It is not necessary to know definitely that identity theft has occurred in order to receive recovery assistance. The recovery advocate will do the research to determine if identity theft exists. In any event, the advocate will advise you of your rights and what to watch out for in order to spot identity theft.

When should I take advantage of identity recovery services?

If you suspect you may be the victim of identity theft or believe your personal information has been compromised, contact FirstMerit immediately. We will submit your case to a recovery advocate, who will contact you within one business day, usually within two to three hours. Your personal recovery advocate will assess the situation and develop a plan of action for you

What does the recovery advocate do?

The recovery advocate works one-on-one with you to analyze your situation and develop an identity recovery plan. Then, the advocate will work on your behalf, working under the authority of a Limited Power of Attorney. The advocate stays in touch with you throughout the process. Once recovery is complete, the advocate will follow up with you for 12 months. If any new issues arise the advocate will work to resolve them too.

What are the qualifications for recovery advocates?

They hold private investigator licenses and average more than 10 years each of industry experience. Recovery advocates have completed training in Fair Credit Reporting Act and they are Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists In addition, they are trained in crisis counseling and they are known for excellence in service.

What is Lost Document Rescue?

If you are missing an important document and believe it may have been lost or stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster, notify FirstMerit immediately. A recovery advocate will be assigned and will perform the necessary steps to assist you in replacing the missing document.

What documents are covered?

Driver's License, passport, birth certificate, Social Security Card, license or certification documents, marriage license, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

What if I lose my wallet or debit card?

Even though the items may simply be lost, not necessarily in the wrong hands, you should submit a claim for assistance from a recovery advocate. The advocate knows the steps to take to help prevent identity theft in these circumstances.

How do I cancel the service?

You can cancel the service at any time by visiting a branch, calling the FirstMerit Customer Contact Center at 888-554-4362, or by un-enrolling through online banking.

If you would like to know more about our Rewards Programs, just call or email a FirstMerit representative.

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