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Legacy Citizens Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Deposit Accounts

  • Has my account number changed?
  • Checking accounts: account numbers have remained the same unless you have been previously notified.

    Savings and Money Market Savings accounts (including Money Market IRAs): The prefix "63" has been added to the beginning of your current account number. In addition, zeros have been inserted following this prefix so that your account number is 12 digits long.

    Certificates of Deposits and IRAs (not including Money Market IRAs): The prefix "6300" has been added to your current account number. Additional zeros may have been inserted following this prefix to make your account number 14 digits long.

  • What is FirstMerit's ABA/Routing Transit number?
  • The routing number for all FirstMerit accounts is 041200555. Controlled Disbursement accounts use a different routing number. Please contact Treasury Management at 800-644-6962.
  • Can I continue to use my Citizens Bank checks?
  • Yes. Your Citizens Bank checks can be used indefinitely. The routing and transit number on the check will automatically route the check to your FirstMerit account.
  • Do I have to order new checks?
  • You may continue to use your Citizens Bank checks and deposit slips until you finish your current supply. Once you have used your current supply of checks, please order checks through Online Banking or directly through our check printing partner Harland Clarke by calling 800-275-1053 or if you are a business customer by calling 800-503-2345. When you reorder, your new checks will be printed with the FirstMerit logo and new routing and transit number. If you order checks from a source other than the bank, please use a FirstMerit check specification sheet, which can be found at https://www.firstmerit.com/checkspec, when placing your next order.
  • Do I need to change information for payees that take my payments electronically?
  • No. Although you may provide the new payment information to your payees, any payments using your account and routing number will automatically be directed to your FirstMerit account.
  • What are my options if I don't feel I was mapped into the best account for me?
  • FirstMerit offers a wide variety of products. For personal accounts, clients may call 888-554-4362 or visit a FirstMerit branch location to speak with a banker about a product that is right for you. Business clients may visit their branch or call 888-283-2303.
  • If I want to change to a different product will I have to open a new account?
  • No. We will be happy to move your existing account to a different account type if another of our products would better suit your needs.
  • Why did I receive multiple debit cards in the mail when I only had one card before?
  • FirstMerit only allows a single checking account to be attached to a debit card. If you previously had multiple accounts associated with a single card, you would have received one card for each checking account.
  • How long before deposited checks are available?
  • In general, $200.00 is available to items posting the same business day. The remaining balance of the deposit is available the next business day. However, additional holds may be placed depending on the details of the deposit. We recommend inquiring on the availability at the time you make your deposit.
  • Is there a fee for using non-FirstMerit ATMs?
  • A $2.00 non-FirstMerit ATM fee applies for each transaction through a non-FirstMerit ATM. This fee is charged each time you use a non-FirstMerit ATM. The non-FirstMerit ATM fees accumulate and are applied to your account once a month on the day your account statement is processed. For example, if you used non-FirstMerit ATMs three times throughout the month then you will receive a $6.00 fee on your statement date.
  • What is the difference between my current balance and my available balance?
  • Your current balance only includes transactions that have completely posted to your account. As such, your current balance is your balance as of the last date we closed business. Your available balance includes any transactions that are pending or currently in process. The available balance should be used when making decisions regarding your balance.
  • How can I obtain copies of posted checks?
  • If you are enrolled in online banking you may print a copy of any check posted in the last 18 months. If you are not enrolled in online banking or need a copy of a check that posted more than 18 months ago, you can visit your local branch or call 888-554-4362 to request we mail a copy of the item to you. A fee of $5.00 per item may apply and checks older than 7 years are not available.
  • Does FirstMerit Bank offer any grace period on overdrafts?
  • In the event that debit items are presented to an account and it causes overdraft, customers have until the end of that business day to make a cash deposit with a teller at any FirstMerit branch to avoid overdraft fees. If an account ends a business day overdrawn, fees will be charged on the next business day.
  • Can I transfer money from an account I am on to another FirstMerit account that I am not on over the phone?
  • Telephone transfers can only be made between two FirstMerit accounts on which you are an owner. Wire transfers to other institutions or accounts held by other individuals would need to be made through a FirstMerit branch. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • How can I transfer funds between my FirstMerit accounts?
  • If you have access to online banking you can transfer between any enabled accounts on which you are listed as an owner. You can also transfer funds between your FirstMerit checking, savings and money market accounts with a relationship banker by calling 888-554-4362.
  • How long does a stop payment on a check last?
  • A stop payment on a check will remain in effect 6 months from the day it is placed, after 6 months the stop payment is released.
  • Can I remove a stop payment after I have requested it?
  • You can request to remove a stop payment on a check at any time. However, the $33.00 stop payment fee can only be avoided if the stop payment is removed on the same business day it is placed.
  • Online Banking

  • How do I log in to FirstMerit Online Banking?
  • You should have received an email and a letter with your User Name and a temporary security code. Unless otherwise notified, your User Name will remain the same. 
  • How do I activate my FirstMerit Online Banking if I don’t recieve an email or letter?
  • You can activate your FirstMerit Online Banking by linking to our online banking log in page. Provide your User Name and click Log In. When prompted for the security code, select the “I don’t know my security code” link next to the security code field. You will be presented with alternate verification questions.
  • Will I be able to see any of my past account activity?
  • Up to the last 60 days of account activity is available through online banking. However, you will still have access to any statements you were able to access before the conversion.
  • Can I still make deposits using my home computer and scanner?
  • Personal accounts are only eligible for remote deposit services using the FirstMerit Mobile Application. Businesses using our FirstMerit eConnect® services may use a PC scanner to make remote deposits.
  • Do I need to set up my payments and billers in Online Bill Pay?
  • No. This information will carry over to your new Online Bill Pay service. However, you will need to set up your eBills as this information could not be converted.
  • When I attempt to enroll for FirstMerit Online Banking I receive a message that some of the information I have entered is already in your system. What does that mean?
  • This message means that you have previously enrolled for FirstMerit Online Banking and already have an online banking login or a pending enrollment. If you were enrolled for online banking previous to the conversion, we have already moved your User information to our system; there is no need to enroll.
  • Why does your online banking run one or more days behind?
  • The “As of date” refers to your Current Balance. As such, the “As of date” will reflect the last day we closed business, usually the most recent weekday. However, your account activity is still in real-time and will include transactions that have taken place after the reported date. This activity will be reflected in your Available Balance.
  • Are my security questions case sensitive?
  • The security questions are not case sensitive. However, they must be answered exactly as they were originally submitted including punctuation, spacing and spelling.
  • Why do I have to answer my security questions every time I log in?
  • Given the anonymous nature of online banking and the extensive access to financial functions, it is imperative we adequately verify your identity. FirstMerit presents these questions for your security when your account is accessed from an unrecognized computer. Once your browser is registered, our site will recognize your computer and skip these questions. There are three possible reasons you may be asked these questions every time you log in:

    1) Be sure to "register your browser with a cookie" when given the option during login. This will allow our system to recognize your browser and bypass the security questions.

    2) Make sure your browser is configured to accept cookies. In Internet Explorer, open any browser window and first select Tools > Internet Options. Click the "Privacy" tab then the "Advanced" button (not tab). Check the box next to "Override automatic cookie handling" then set "First-party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies" to "Accept". Click OK to close the advanced menu then OK to close the Internet options window.

    3) If you perform maintenance on your computer that removes cookies, change browsers, or use a different computer you will need to register the browser.
  • How do I update my personal information (i.e. Address, Phone Number, etc.) online?
  • Log in to your online banking at firstmerit.com you can select the Online Services tab, then "Change Account Information" and fill out the online form.
  • How do I change my email address?
  • You can change your email address by clicking on the “My Profile” button next to the “Log Off” button after logging in to your Online Banking. The first option on the page will request that you enter your email address then re-enter it. Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page once this is complete. Using this method, your email address will be updated immediately. You may also call us at 888-554-4362 or visit your local FirstMerit branch.
  • Can I enroll in online banking for my FirstMerit business account?
  • Yes, you can enroll in business online banking for your FirstMerit business account. To enroll please follow the instructions on this page: https://www.firstmeritib.com/EnrollSB.aspx
    Applications are processed within 5 business days.
  • Can I enroll for online banking as a Power of Attorney on an account?
  • Although we cannot provide internet access to accounts for a Power of Attorney, you may enroll using the account owner’s information. If you have Power of Attorney, your name should be listed as “POA” in the title of the account(s) in question. Provided that this relationship is documented on the official account title, we can verify your identity and consider you as equivalent to the account owner in regard to online banking service. This includes making changes to account access, unlocking account access, or providing information regarding the activity takes place through our online banking service.
  • What web browsers does FirstMerit support?
  • We recommend Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later and Mozilla FireFox version 3.0 or later. You should always keep your browser updated to the most recent version. However, we do not support beta versions.
  • What types of accounts can I use to enroll for online banking?
  • You may enroll for online banking using checking, savings, CD, IRA, mortgage, credit card, consumer loans, or lines of credit.
  • Can I download information from online banking to Quicken®, QuickBooks® or Microsoft Money®?
  • You can download information from online banking and import it to financial management software. From your account activity, select the format you would like from the drop-down at the top right of the activity pane. The options in this drop-down are:
    • CSV: a basic file format that can be imported to most financial and data analysis software. Good for use with programs such as MS Excel.
    • Money: downloads to OFX format, designed for use with MS Money
    • Quicken: downloads to QFX format, designed for use with

    Once you select the format, click the “Download” button and select a directory. You may then import the file into your financial management software. These downloads are available on checking accounts, savings accounts, and lines of credit.
  • What services are available through FirstMerit Online Banking?
  • Just some of the services we provide are:
    • Check balances and view activity on your FirstMerit checking, savings, money market, mortgage, credit card, installment loan, line of credit, CD, and non-brokerage IRA accounts
    • Transfer funds between your FirstMerit checking, savings, money market, and line of credit accounts
    • Stop payment on lost or stolen checks
    • Download your posted transaction information to financial management software such as Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
    • Pay your bills
    • Reorder checks
    • Obtain a copy of a statement
    • Obtain a copy of a check
    • Inquire about a specific transaction
    • Change your personal contact information
    • Apply for a FirstMerit Home Equity line, loan, or credit card
    • Ask us a question
    • Send an email


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