Electronic Check Re-Presentment

Electronic Check Re-Presentment (CheckTrack™) Details

CheckTrack Description

CheckTrack is a payment processing solution offered to our business customers.


How does CheckTrack work?

Deposited items that are returned for insufficient (NSF) or uncollected (UCF) funds are converted into electronic transactions and re-presented.  The check writer's account is debited for the face amount of the check plus the returned check fee.  Two collection attempts will be made if needed and once funds are collected, the full face amount is then electronically credited to your business checking account


Features & Benefits

  • Improve check recovery rates without uncomfortable phone calls
  • Increase cash flow through more timely collection of NSF checks
  • Receive 100% of face amount for each collected item
  • No per item fees, regardless of volume
  • Download the CheckTrack user guide


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How to start using CheckTrack

When you open any FirstMerit Business Checking Account you will be able to take advantage of this service.

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