Business Mobile Banking Security

Business Mobile Banking

Business Mobile Banking Security Overview

Protecting your information and your assets is a top priority at FirstMerit. Our business mobile banking apps use the same 128-bit encryption and security technology we use for online banking. Your identity is verified through multiple factors, account numbers are masked and mobile app sessions are automatically timed-out after three minutes of inactivity. Also, please know that FirstMerit will never solicit you through the mobile channel for your account credentials, especially your password.

Business Mobile Security Tips

The following information can help protect the information on your phone in the event that your mobile device is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised.
  • Tip #1:  Use common sense
  • Follow the same best practices you do when browsing the Internet or accessing email from your PC.

    For example:
    • Don't click on links sent via text or email from people you don't know
    • Be careful about downloading applications and/or opening files from sites you are not familiar with
    • For more tips about online safety, visit our Online Security Center
  • Tip #2:  Make your phone more secure
  • Follow the same best practices you do when browsing the Internet or accessing email from your PC.

    For example:
    • Review your phone's user manual to gain a better understanding of what security options are available on your device
    • Consider additional security software and antivirus solutions
    • Disabling your Bluetooth connection when it's not in use may prevent attackers from taking advantage of that connection to download malicious code to your device
  • Tip #3:  Lock your phone
  • Set your phone to automatically lock after not being used for a specified period of time and set a required password to unlock the device.
  • Tip #4:  Only keep what you need
  • Regularly delete old text messages, clear your browser history and delete files from your phone. Also, make sure you remove all sensitive information prior to recycling, selling, or giving away your device.
  • Tip #5:  Make sure you know your phone
  • Keep a record of your phone's make, model and serial number. This information could prove valuable if your device is lost or stolen.
  • Tip #6:  What to do if you lose your phone?
  • Quickly notify your service provider so your device can be disabled, reducing the risk of your information being accessed.

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FirstMerit does not charge to send or receive text messages as a part of FirstMerit Mobile Banking. Your phone carrier's standard text messaging charges may apply. Once your mobile phone has been activated, you may text STOP to 89836 to cancel or text HELP to 89836 for help.