International Wires

International Wires Overview

International Wires Service Description

FirstMerit Bank can expedite payment and/or collection of your International trade activity efficiently and securely via an International Remittance(Wire). Send and receive a wide range of global currencies with confidence in knowing that your bank uses the latest S.W.I.F.T technology to assure the movement of funds, wherever you do business!

Benefits of working with FirstMerit

  • Payments that leave one country bound for a beneficiary in another can pass through multiple banks which will result in extra banking charges, slow receipt, and an element of foreign exchange risk
  • Payers (Remitters) and Payees (Beneficiaries) need to determine which party will pay bank charges and who will execute the conversion of currency; this can be managed by knowing what currency the recipient need to receive
  • Is it a currency other than US dollars that FirstMerit can convert to that currency at attractive rates that may be better for both parties?
  • If you are expecting to be paid a currency other than US dollars just ask your customer to pay you in that currency and allow FirstMerit to convert it at a rate that reflects your status as a FirstMerit client
  • Funds can be moved via fax, using our traditional “Wire Request” form, or electronically using our online systems, FirstMerit e-Connect® and FirstMerit e-Global Connect®
  • There is no faster way to move funds than via a wire - let us assist you in leading the way

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