Online Treasury Management

Online Treasury Management Overview

Our Online Treasury Management (FirstMerit e-Connect®) service provides you with quick, easy, and timely access to your commercial banking transactions, helping you make sound cash management decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • FirstMerit e-Connect determines your cash position automatically; you get an instant picture of your company’s financial standing  
  • You can also search for individual transactions; this feature saves you time as you get instant information by limiting your search to only the detail you need

Concentrate/collect, disburse, and transfer funds:

  • Pay State and/or Federal taxes electronically 
  • Pay employees through direct deposit of payroll
  • Pay vendors electronically 
  • Direct debit vendor's and/or consumers accounts 

Simplify your daily banking activities:

  • Get quick summaries and detailed balance information 
  • View previous day and current day transaction activity 
  • View check images and statements online 
  • View up to 18 months of checking account history

Initiate bank transactions such as: 

  • Fund transfers within FirstMerit accounts 
  • Domestic and international wire transfers 
  • Stop payment 
  • Direct debit vendor and/or consumer accounts 

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