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  • What is the daily limit on a HELOC Card?
  • The daily limit on a HELOC debit card is $700.00 per card at the ATM and $7500.00 per account for purchases.
  • Is there a way to make my loan payment without going online?
  • You can make a payment by mail or in-person at a FirstMerit branch location. You may also make a banker-assisted expedited by phone at 888-554-4362 for a $7.00 processing fee.
  • Can I make my payments online?
  • FirstMerit allows online payments to FirstMerit loans from FirstMerit checking or savings accounts only. To make a payment online, first log in to your Online Banking and go to your account listing. Select the letter “P” icon to the right of your loan then select the account to pay from and the payment amount. Payments completed before 11:45 PM Eastern Time will count as being made that business day.
  • Can I change the Due Date of my FirstMerit loan?
  • You may change the due date so long as the loan is current and there are no late fees on the account. In order to change your payment due date, you will need to provide the request in writing by mail or fax to our Loan Servicing Department. The communication must include your name, loan number, and a preferred daytime contact number in addition to a short request stating the new due date you would prefer. The letter can be faxed to 330.479.7994. The mailing address is:

    FirstMerit Bank
    295 FirstMerit Circle
    Akron, OH 44307

    You may also complete a form at any FirstMerit branch location.
  • Can I make a loan/credit payment over the phone?
  • Yes, we accept payments over the phone for a fee of $7.00. Payments must be made before 5:00 PM EST to count as being made on that business day. Any payment received after 5:00 PM EST will count as being made the next business day.
  • Is there a fee to pay off my loan early?
  • You may be subject to a prepayment penalty if you pay off your loan prior to the loan's maturity date. Please reference your copy of the Loan Agreement to see if an early payment penalty applies. If you are still unsure, please contact Customer Service at 888-554-4362 or visit your local FirstMerit branch.
  • Is there a due date grace period on my personal FirstMerit loan or home equity line of credit?
  • FirstMerit allows a 10 day grace period on personal installment loans and home equity lines of credit. If the 10th day falls on a non-business day (Saturday/Sunday or holidays) you are permitted to make the payment on the next business day without penalty.
  • Will FirstMerit mail me a 1098 interest statement for installment loan or home equity loan?
  • FirstMerit will automatically mail a 1098 for any loan or line of credit secured with real estate. For other loan or line of credit types we will not automatically mail out a 1098 interest statement. However, you may request a 1098 for any loan or line of credit free of charge. To request a 1098 interest statement please contact any of our relationship bankers at 888-554-4362.
  • How do I apply for a FirstMerit credit card, installment loan, personal loan or home equity line of credit?
  • You can apply for any of FirstMerit's personal loan products at a local branch online at this link or by phone at 800-416-3748