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  • Credit Cards/Loan Payments

  • How can I apply for a new FirstMerit credit card?
  • Clients are able to apply for a new FirstMerit credit card by visiting any FirstMerit or Citizens branch location, or by applying online at www.firstmerit.com/creditcard
  • How can I make payments on my FirstMerit credit card?
  • Currently, you can make FirstMerit credit card payments by:
      • ♦ Setting up FirstMerit as a payee through your existing online banking bill pay account
      • ♦ Mailing a check to the address on your billing statement
      • ♦ Setting up an automatic payment through your banker

    Once our systems are integrated in the fall of 2013, you will be able to pay your FirstMerit credit card at your local FirstMerit branch.
  • I don’t understand why my FirstMerit credit card does not show up on my online banking account.
  • Once operations are integrated in the fall of 2013, you will see your credit card summary details included in your online banking accounts.
  • Do I change who I make my loan payments payable to?
  • You can begin to make your installment loan payments payable to FirstMerit Bank. If you happen to make your check payable to Citizens Bank, we can process that as well. If you mail your payments, please continue to send them to the same address you have used in the past. The terms of your loan will not change.

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