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Ideal for individuals looking for a checking account that pays interest on account balances as well as offers exclusive benefits that maximize the value of your money.

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  1. Credit Card, Mortgage, Student and Business Loans are not included in loan combined balances.
  2. FirstMerit does not charge for alerts. However, your internet or mobile service provider may charge for sending and receiving alerts. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply.
  3. Other bank's fees may apply.
  4. Guardian Safety or Sheffield wallet style checks only, which must be ordered through our check printing partner, Harland Clarke.
  5. MeritRewards Shop, Earn & Protect: The Identity Theft Protection services mentioned above are provided through an arrangement with Harland Clarke Corp. Entities that may be involved in the provision of these services include Harland Clarke Corp., NXG Strategies, Merchants Information Solutions, Inc., and one or more companies in the CoreLogic group of companies. In obtaining the described services, you may be asked to visit a third party website and/or agree to terms and conditions with one or more of these companies.
* Activation bonus is paid based on activating certain services and meeting transaction requirements - $25 paid for activating one service, $75 for activating two services or $150 for activating all three services. Activation bonus will be paid within 30 days of the MeritRewards enrollment anniversary date. Refer to MeritRewards Program Description for full details of the program.