Account & Security Alerts

Account Alerts & Security Alerts Detail

Stay informed on important activity of your checking, savings, and money market accounts as well as loans, lines of credit, credit cards, and more.  You have the option to receive free* alerts by email, text message, or both.

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Alert TypeDescription
Low Balance with Transfer OptionReceive a text alert when your balance goes below an amount of your choosing; you then have the option to transfer money from another FirstMerit account with a simple text message
Low BalanceReceive an alert when your balance drops below an amount of your choosing
High BalanceReceive an alert when your balance goes above an amount of your choosing
Transaction ScheduledReceive an alert when a transaction above or equal to your specified amount occurs
PaymentReceive an alert a few days before a payment is due and another alert once your payment has been received

Feel safe knowing that you can get an alert when one of the following occurs to you:

  • Online banking password has changed
  • Email address has changed through online banking
  • Online banking User ID i locked out
  • A scheduled transfer or payment did not go through
  • Online banking account has been logged in to


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* FirstMerit does not charge for alerts. However, your internet or mobile service provider may charge for sending and receiving alerts. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply.

Please note: Alerts delivery may be subject to delays, including service outages and connection issues.