Dedication to finding a cure for Breast Cancer

Support a Great Cause & become part of a Wonderful Story  

John Hatch is kayaking along the Mississippi River to raise money for breast cancer research.

"This is the beginning of the story...a spontaneous, uneventful but a fateful meeting that would spark an idea to change my direction in life." - John Hatch

A chance encounter in a Chicago train station over two years ago provided the inspiration and motivation for John Hatch to conceive his upcoming journey...Project 1658. That’s when John met Jill – a breast cancer survivor traveling home with her children from a family event.

Why 1658?

The number represents his calculation of the river miles he’ll be kayaking as he makes his way along the Mississippi River from Red Wing, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana. In reality, the number represents more than just miles. It symbolizes the psychological and physical challenge John will endure along the way, paddling between 20 and 50 miles each day. He’ll begin his journey in August and expects to arrive at his destination (New Orleans) around mid-October.

“All of us in some shape or form have faced adversity in our lives, but there are few adversaries as challenging and fearful as cancer." - John Hatch

All donations made to Project 1658 will go directly to the Mayo Clinic cancer research program so that others may share in the same joy that Jill experiences as a survivor. John hopes that by going the extra mile, or more accurately 1658 miles, you’ll join him to raise money and awareness.

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