This is a favorable time to think about refinancing, gifting and estate planning strategies, and reviewing your portfolio’s participation in equities markets.

A good sense of timing is an important key to success. Fortunately, it’s easier to see the future – and to plan for it – than you may think. “Keeping our clients well- informed helps them make smart choices when presented with timely opportunities or challenges,” says Michael G. Robinson, Executive Vice President of FirstMerit Wealth Management Services. “That’s why having a proactive advisor is important to a person’s financial success. When a person has good timing financially, it is most often the result of having reliable, up-to-date information and objective, knowledgeable advice.”

Couple reviewing finances

Robinson shares his insights about several important trends in wealth management and how FirstMerit Wealth Advisors can help you benefit from potential opportunities emerging from these trends.

What are the advantages of refinancing today?

Borrowing costs continue to remain at historic lows, and clients of FirstMerit Wealth Management have access to sophisticated lending strategies. This makes it an opportune time to revisit your balance sheet with your FirstMerit Advisor to determine how these strategies can work to help you increase your net worth.

With borrowing costs at rates below 4 percent, the savings for homeowners who refinance their loans on their primary residence or vacation or investment properties can be significant. A refinanced mortgage is just one way to revise your balance sheet. There are several other ways to leverage attractive borrowing rates to enhance your growth, including the use of home equity loans and lines of credit. So whether you are looking to purchase a first or second home, cover educational expenses, or take advantage of an investment opportunity, your FirstMerit Advisor can help you tailor a properly structured debt portfolio that is integrated with your overall financial plan.

Additionally, the record-low interest levels also offer many advantages to business owners in the form of loans and lines of credit for equipment, commercial real estate and other specialized needs.

Why is this a good time for investors to revisit their investment asset allocation?

While volatility has become inherent in today’s market, FirstMerit has instituted many safeguards to help our investors achieve an optimum balance between upside growth potential in equities and protection against market risk, based on each individual’s goals and risk appetite.

First, as one of the leading independent investment management firms in the region, FirstMerit and its team of portfolio managers employ a stringent methodology to objectively search, assess and monitor the best providers across the full range of investment choices (institutional vehicles, securities, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.).

Second, we work to keep our investors on track by vigilantly monitoring and responding to economic and market signals with proprietary analytical tools such as the FirstMerit Market Meter and Active Asset Allocation. These trends and signals are reported regularly through our monthly Market Commentary and quarterly Market Message.

Finally, an important role of your FirstMerit team, which includes an experienced team Portfolio Manager, is to help you be proactive about your investments, to make sense of the many options in the marketplace, and to tailor and manage a strategy that precisely matches your unique goals, needs and circumstances.